Epeius at Tryon International Equestrian Center
Sep 30

Epeius at Tryon International Equestrian Center

Tryon International Equestrian Center is a year round venue located in Mill Spring, NC and is the world’s premier Equestrian Lifestyle Destination showcasing some of the top riders in the Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, and Eventing disciplines. 

National Sculpture Society Annual Conference
Jun 25

National Sculpture Society Annual Conference

New York, New York

June 25, 2017 – Spend a day in New York City’s Central Park Zoo!

National Sculpture Society has planned a day of live sculpture demonstrations at key locations within the zoo.  Creatures large and small will be on view for the crowds and will be sketched in clay by some of this country’s leading sculptors.  The six accomplished animal sculptors modeling at Central Park Zoo are:

Mark Edward Adams (CA)

T. D. Kelsey (TX)

Roger A. Martin (NC)

Gary Lee Price (UT)

Stephanie Revennaugh (MT)

Paul Rhymer (MD)

David H. Turner (VA)

Careful observers of animal behavior and anatomy, the six sculptors are experienced at modeling en plein air as a way to best study their subjects in their natural environments.

To encourage future sculptors to see animals through the eyes of an artist, clay will be provided for children to work alongside the sculptors. Other NSS sculptors (including our president and vice president!) will be volunteering to help visitors try sculpting and to answer questions. In addition, members of the Central Park Zoo’s Education Department will be available to answer questions about the animals.

The event is free and open to the public with regular admission to the Central Park Zoo.

The live sculpture demonstrations at Central Park Zoo are just one of many events planned for the Sculpture Conference scheduled June 23-25, 2017.  Other Conference events include: A Blessing of Animals exhibition reception; a sculpture supplies and services show; the Richard McDermott Miller Modeling Competition; panel discussions; sculpting demonstrations; art book swap; an 84th Annual Awards Exhibition preview and the Honor and Awards Dinner.

To attend the Conference or for more information CLICK HERE.

Cowgirl UP! at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum
May 7

Cowgirl UP! at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum

Wickenberg, AZ

Creating an Uproar for Women of the West!

When we began this Cinderella story called Cowgirl Up!, complete with its own version of the glass slipper, it started with a very simple idea.

We would simply set a date in the spring of the year so that women artists who work to capture the spirit and the lifestyle of the West could be invited to come to the Museum to show off their finery — the finest in western painting, drawing and sculpture. By doing so, we would give all the world a chance to see their work, and even purchase it if they so desired. Little did we know what an uproar Cowgirl Up! would create. Nor did we realize how this month-long show and sale would turn into such a gratifying year-long tale for the Museum. For Cowgirl Up!, now in its twelfth year, there seems to be no coach on the horizon turning itself back into a pumpkin. Or coachmen transforming themselves back to mice.

There is nothing but pure magic. Magic for the 58 extraordinarily talented artists who are invited annually. Magic for our enthusiastic and loyal patrons. And magic for this Museum which is privileged to carry the banner for the West’s best women artists. May our clock never strike 12!

Epeius at Winter Equestrian Festival
Mar 27

Epeius at Winter Equestrian Festival

Epeius, an 8 foot equine bust, makes his debut at the Winter Equestrian Festival.  He graces the entrance to the VIP tent at Adequan Global Dressage Festival.

The Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) is an annual equestrian festival running for 12 weeks between January and April in Wellington, FL. It is the largest and longest-running equestrian competition in the world.  WEF began to attract the equestrian community after the 1970s.  Today, competitors and residents can access over 57 miles of different trails surrounding the equestrian facility.  Each of the 12 weeks is considered its own horse show with separate competitions, as well as competitions that run throughout the festival.

27th Annual Celebration of Fine Art
Mar 20

27th Annual Celebration of Fine Art

The Celebration of Fine Art is where art lovers and artists connect. This juried, invitational show and art sale features more than 40,000 square feet of working studios and works of art by 100 renowned and emerging artists from across the country. During the 10-week event, visitors from around the globe will gather to admire and acquire an unsurpassed selection of artworks in all mediums and styles from some of the continents’ most talented artists. The 28th Annual Celebration of Fine Art will open in Scottsdale, AZ on January 13 through March 25, 2018, with 100 working artists in their studios creating art daily. In addition, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the Art Discovery Series each Friday from 4 -5 pm.



Longines Los Angeles Masters
Oct 2

Longines Los Angeles Masters

Long Beach, CA

The Longines Masters of Los Angeles is one of the most prestigious equestrian competitions worldwide, welcoming the world’s top show jumpers and equine athletes to compete for $1 million in prize money at the Long Beach Convention Center, September 29 toOctober 2nd.

Cowgirl Up!
May 9

Cowgirl Up!

  • Desert Caballeros Western Museum

Cowgirl Up! captures the imagination of just about everyone who is attracted to the lifestyle and spirit of the West. In less than seven years, the show and sale have become the most important for Western women artists in the country.

In 2006, the Desert Caballeros Western Museum decided that it was time to step forward on behalf of the West’s women artists. We brought 56 of them together to both celebrate and recognize their enormous contribution to the cultural legacy of the American West. And immediately, the world stepped up, too.

Motivated patrons became captivated by the idea, convinced by our event’s first chairman Dick DeVore to come along for a ride destined to be big. Motivated media raised their hands, willing to splash their pages with the spunk, the spirit and creativity that could only come “from the other half of the West.” And motivated artists called, over 300 a year, eager to find not just another show, but a new home for themselves.

And now it is the tenth charmed year and all we can say is that it’s been quite a ride. The show designed to kick off with a weekend bash, then run for a month, has taken on a life that makes its presence known all year ’round. More than a onetime exhibition and sale, Cowgirl Up! has grown to become a gathering place along the trail for the women artists themselves, many of whom have traditionally been more familiar with each other in print than in person.

It has also become a western portal for art enthusiasts who are catching on to the fact that this is more than a wonderful place to gather. It is a place to do serious business. And why wouldn’t it be? With over 200 paintings and sculptures so full of life that they nearly jump off our walls and pedestals, who can afford to miss the color…the energy…and the just plain fun of this show.

So join us as we salute the Cowgirl Up! artists and the Desert Caballeros Western Museum’s volunteers who have shown us all the true meaning of Cowgirl Up! with over 150 of them contributing countless hours and sweat equity to make the weekend festivities and exhibition into a galloping success. When you Cowgirl Up!, there’s no tellin’ how far you’ll ride!

94th Annual Flintridge Horse Show: April 23-26
Apr 26

94th Annual Flintridge Horse Show: April 23-26

  • Flintridge Riding Club

The Flintridge Riding Club, located in La Canada, Flintridge, has been in operation for over 90 years, having been formally incorporated on October 9, 1923. The Riding Club was first conceived as a private family club whose members could enjoy equestrian pursuits. The Flintridge Horse Show, formally known as The Children’s Horse Show, begun in the earliest years of the Club, was the oldest all-junior competition in the United States for many years. Another long-running competition is the Flintridge Autumn Classic, held continuously for the past 60 years.

Today, The Flintridge Riding Club hosts three exciting West Palms Events horse shows during the season: The Flintridge Spring Classic, The 93rd Annual Flintridge Horse Show and The Flintridge Autumn Classic. All three shows attract top international competition and routinely sell out, so competitors are always urged to get their entries in early to ensure their ability to participate.